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Cook, Serve, Delicious!: Re-Mustard! Coming to Consoles and PC

Fans ‍of⁤ Cook,⁣ Serve, Delicious!‍ will be⁤ ecstatic to hear that Re-Mustard! is⁢ coming‍ to ‌consoles and⁣ PC. ‍The sequel⁢ to the popular restaurant‍ simulator Cook, Serve, ‍Delicious! adds⁢ to the franchise ⁣with added content ‍and ⁤mechanics ⁤that amps ‍up…

Phasmophobia to be Available on Consoles this August

Phasmophobia, one of the most popular horror games of recent times, is set to arrive on consoles this August. The game will be released initially on Xbox One and PC, with other platforms to follow. Players are reported to experience…