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Capcom Makes Acquisition: Buys Graphics Company Swordcanes

Capcom Makes Acquisition: Buys Graphics Company Swordcanes

Capcom Co., Ltd., the Japanese video⁣ game ‌developer and publisher responsible⁤ for ⁤series ‍like Street ‌Fighter and Mega Man, announced⁤ on Tuesday that‌ it has agreed to ‍acquire ‍the graphics company Swordcanes. ‌The⁢ news‍ comes‍ one ‍month after Capcom⁤ announced its acquisition of⁣ the⁤ British digital ‍comics‍ distributor Beeline Group.

Swordcanes, founded in Japan in 1996, will become a ⁣wholly⁣ owned⁤ subsidiary⁤ of Capcom. Its current president, Kana Kawasaki, ⁣will remain ⁢in​ her position.⁤ Capcom plans ⁤to use Swordcanes’ technology ‍in ⁣a ​variety ⁤of ways, including‌ in-game graphics, ‍new game development, and ⁤mobile‍ game⁣ development.

“We⁢ are ‌especially excited‌ about​ the⁤ potential ‍for Swordcanes’⁣ technology to help our⁤ in-game graphics ‌and‍ new game​ development ‍projects,” said‌ Capcom ​CEO Kenshi Yamashita in a press release. “In addition, we believe that ⁢Swordcanes’‌ technology has strong potential⁣ for⁤ mobile gaming, which has ⁣become a ​focus of Capcom’s development. We⁢ look forward to ⁢the collaboration‍ between Capcom⁤ and ‍Swordcanes.”

The‌ acquisition of Swordcanes represents the latest effort by⁣ Capcom to‍ expand its reach in the gaming industry.⁢ The⁤ company is currently developing several‌ highly anticipated games, ‍including⁣ the Resident Evil 2 remake and ⁣Devil May ‍Cry 5.⁤ With the acquisition‍ of Swordcanes, Capcom can now look to the future with even more possibilities for innovation.


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