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Forza Motorsport 8 Reveals Gameplay Improvements in Side-by-Side Comparison with Forza 7

Forza Motorsport 8 Reveals Gameplay Improvements in Side-by-Side Comparison with Forza 7

Xbox’s⁢ Forza Motorsport 8 has just ‌announced their latest game ⁣releases, and ‍it has ⁤made exciting ⁤improvements from Forza 7. From ⁣the visuals⁢ to‌ the gameplay‌ experience, Forza ‍Motorsport 8‌ is‍ making⁣ a ​real​ splash.⁣

Forza ​Motorsport⁣ 8 has‌ made⁣ noticeable improvements in visuals, ⁣particularly ​in its lighting​ and ‌car ‌models. The new ‌game has ‌a ⁢revised​ HDR ​lighting system, which means farless‌ banding ⁢in‌ dark-to-light ‍scenes, ⁣and ‍clearer shadows. It‍ also allows​ for smooth‍ reflections‍ on ‌car surfaces. Models are ⁤also improved ‌with new​ details, such as‌ improved wheels and ​even windscreen glass‌ reflections.

For⁣ those who‌ are looking​ for​ a better gameplay experience, ⁣Forza Motorsport​ 8 comes⁤ with​ more⁤ physics-based absorption ‌and​ dampers, and ‌an upgraded AI driving system. ⁣This AI driving system is made even better with ​the‌ introduction of ​the AI rewind ⁣feature ‍from Motorsport ‍7, which makes‌ it ⁣easier ‌for ‍players to ⁤recover from strategically‍ bad decisions. ‍The ‌game ‍also offers improved​ handling with the‍ variable​ force⁣ feedback⁢ system. This ​allows players to⁤ experience different ‌levels of effort‌ on the​ steering wheel⁣ depending ⁤on ‍different‍ track surfaces.‍

Aside ‍from the ​improved⁢ visuals and gameplay, Forza⁤ Motorsport‌ 8 ⁢also ⁤introduces‌ a ‌number ⁤of​ brand-new game ⁤modes,⁤ such as‌ the‌ “Duel” Mode, which allows players to ⁢take ‌on‍ their friends ⁣in ​a two-player⁢ head-to-head⁢ race session. The game also ​features‍ a‌ new drift mode, which allows players to master the ​art ⁢of drifting⁣ by ‌competing against AI opponents and ⁣other friends.

Forza ⁢Motorsport ‌8 offers ‌plenty of improvements ‌over the previous game, making it⁣ the definitive ‍experience ⁢for⁤ racing fans. While ⁤the ⁣game ⁤was already incredibly entertaining, the enhancements ‌make ⁢it ⁤that much ⁣more ⁢enjoyable​ for gamers. The improved visuals, physics-based ‍absorption⁣ and‌ dampers, AI‍ driving system,⁣ and‌ new game​ modes will ‌make‍ this a must-have ‍for‍ fans‍ of racing games.‌


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