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Call of Duty Breaks Away from Exclusivity Deals

Call of Duty Breaks Away from Exclusivity Deals

Activision Blizzard announced​ on Monday that they​ will no longer pursue exclusive deals for their popular franchise,‍ Call of Duty (CoD). This move marks a major shift ⁤away from Activision’s ⁣past strategies, which ‍involved exclusive contracts with console and PC⁣ players that limited⁢ cross-platform play⁣ and connected experiences.

This ⁣move will give players a much wider range of options when ‌it comes to playing ​their ‌favorite CoD games. ‌Sony, Microsoft, and PC⁤ gamers ​will now be able to play select games on all of their platforms without having to purchase separate⁤ versions. The announcement also ‌includes ⁣plans to launch a unified game and associated services across all​ platforms, which will make it easier for players to ‌keep up with their friends⁢ and clans regardless of platform.

The gaming giant is also planning to invest heavily in the free-to-play and mobile markets. This shift in ⁣strategy should⁤ open up⁣ new opportunities for even more⁢ gamers to join the Call of Duty franchise.⁢ It also should give existing players more choices⁤ in how, when, and where⁣ to ⁣play.

This move away⁤ from exclusivity reflects the changing nature of the​ gaming industry. The days​ of⁤ single-platform releases have become increasingly rare, and instead, companies are⁣ opting ⁣for⁤ multi-platform rollouts ⁣in order to reach larger ⁢and more diverse audiences.

It remains to be⁤ seen how this new strategy affects ‍the ‍Call of Duty franchise, ⁢but it’s a​ move that could open up gaming to far more people.⁣ It’s a bold ‌move by Activision, and one that could have long-lasting implications ​for the gaming⁢ industry.


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