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Return of Classic Starter Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet DLC!

Return of Classic Starter Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet DLC!

Video Game phenomenon Pokémon ​is‍ bringing back classic starter Pokémon​ from the first two generations to their latest release, Sword and Shield: Scarlet and Violet! The ⁣original⁢ starters, Charmander, Squirtle‌ and Bulbasaur, will feature in the upcoming expansions, and trainers​ that choose a classic can continue their journey with these beloved Pokémon.

Game-play for the classic starters‍ in Scarlet and Violet ⁤will remain the same as when they were​ first introduced​ – each starter will have unique advantages⁤ and disadvantages. However, they will have access‌ to some previously ‌unavailable⁤ moves in battle. For Charmander, these include moves like Dragon Claw and Outrage; Squirtle will get​ boosts in ⁤defense thanks to Water​ Pulse ⁢and Aqua Jet, while⁢ Bulbasuar⁣ will get access to Sludge Wave, Seed Bomb, and Energy Ball. New Gigantamax forms have also been revealed, where each starter gets an even greater boost in stats!

The ‍return of classic starters is great news for long-time Pokémon fans that feel nostalgic about the original games.⁣ Fresh gamers can also find delight in the series, since these classic starters emphasize the many possibilities the franchise offers.

Of course, the main appeal ‌of Sword ​and Shield: Scarlet ​and Violet ⁣is the new Pokémon that will be included⁤ in its expansions. Over 100 new species, including Galarian forms ‌and legendary Pokémon,​ will be available to be captured and ⁤trained. The latest entries also bring character customizations, where trainers can express their unique style in-game.

All in all, the classic​ starters’ return‌ in Sword and Shield: Scarlet and Violet is a great way​ for fans and newcomers alike to​ relive some of the best of the Pokémon franchise. Return to the beloved Kanto region and start training your‌ classic starters now!


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