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Devolver Delayed: Find Out Which Games Are Moving to 2024 Next Week!

Devolver Delayed: Find Out Which Games Are Moving to 2024 Next Week!

It ⁤looks like some of the most anticipated video ‍games are being delayed into the ​year ⁤2024. Devolver​ Digital​ has announced that a few of their highly-anticipated titles ​will be getting a release ⁤date push to next year. This news was revealed‌ on⁣ the Devolver Digital Twitter account, and fans are already speculating which games may⁢ be affected‌ by the delay.

According to a statement released by the company, the delay is due to a combination of logistical and production issues. Devolver Digital is one of the leading ‍independent⁤ game publishers, and they’ve released dozens of critically ⁣acclaimed titles over the years. They’ve ⁤also made some ambitious announcements over the ​past several years, so it’s no surprise that‍ some of their projects are running behind schedule.

Devolver Digital hasn’t confirmed which games will be delayed, but fans have already started coming up with ‌theories. Some of the publisher’s most highly-anticipated releases include “Shadow Warrior 3,” “Devotion,” and “The Messenger 2.” ⁤All of these titles have been consuming a great deal‍ of gamers’ attention, so it wouldn’t be surprising if one or more​ of them were pushed back.

The company will be announcing which⁣ titles are moving to 2024 next week. Afterward, they’ll presumably provide ‌more details on when the games‍ will be coming out. This delay may be disappointing for fans,‌ but Devolver Digital is promising that these titles will be worth the wait.

Hopefully, the ⁤company‍ will soon confirm which games are being delayed. Knowing ahead of time will give interested gamers ample ‌time to adjust their schedules and start planning‍ a release-day marathon. Until then, Devolver Digital ⁣fans should ​keep an eye out for more announcements related to upcoming projects.


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