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BLANK Studio Secures $17 Million Investment from NEOWIZ, Led by Former CD Projekt Red Developers

BLANK Studio Secures $17 Million Investment from NEOWIZ, Led by Former CD Projekt Red Developers

BLANK Studio, a⁢ Warsaw-based indie game development studio which was founded by​ former CD Projekt Red ⁢developers, has secured a⁢ $17 ‍million investment from NEOWIZ. The fresh round‌ of funding was led by NEOWIZ, a leading South Korean mobile game publisher and investor, and⁤ its announcement is⁤ seen as a major boost for the studio in​ its aim to become a global leader in the gaming industry.

BLANK Studio was ⁢established in December 2018, by former CD Projekt Red developers Bartosz Kmita, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz and ⁣Michał Nowakowski. The studio gained international attention soon after its⁤ formation and was quickly seen⁤ as one of ⁤the most promising new entries in the⁤ global gaming scene.

The fresh investment from NEOWIZ ⁣will be used for the studio to develop ‍a new action-RPG game, which it plans to launch in 2021. The founders said that they are “very excited to take on new challenges and to invest in creating unique and surprising game experiences for players around the world.” ‍

Chris‌ Lee, CEO of NEOWIZ, said, “We were impressed by the creative⁣ minds of Blank’s seasoned development team, and we are very confident in ‌their ability ‍to create‌ something revolutionary in the gaming industry. We are very pleased to‌ support them in this endeavor.”

The new funding from NEOWIZ⁤ follows a​ $5 million investment from Tencent ‍Games in March 2020. With the additional funds now on board, BLANK⁤ studio has already ramped up its new game development with a 20-person ‍team and is​ planning to further grow⁤ the team‍ by the end of 2021.

The studio believes it has what it takes to​ become a global leader in the gaming industry and aims to deliver “new and exciting experiences for the players which will challenge them to think beyond the boundaries.” With the international attention and investment that it has already gained⁤ in ‍such a short span of time, the ‌studio‌ is well-positioned to grow and succeed⁤ in the industry.


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