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Destiny 2 Gets Major Overhaul with Introduction of “All-New Mechanic” – TechRadar

Destiny 2 Gets Major Overhaul with Introduction of “All-New Mechanic” – TechRadar

Destiny 2 has seen a major overhaul recently with the ‍introduction of an all-new⁣ mechanic. Bungie, the developer behind⁤ Destiny 2, has ⁤announced the new mechanic and it provides players⁢ with an exciting new way to play the game. The ⁤mechanic, called Masterwork Core, allows players to modify specific pieces of armor‍ and ‍enhance their abilities.

The⁤ Masterwork Core ⁤can be⁢ obtained by doing activities like ‍Raids, Gambit, Crucible, and so on. With this new system, players will be able to craft special armor pieces with​ unique stats to their‍ preference.‌ This⁤ makes Masterwork Core a​ highly personalized experience pertained to each ‍individual player.

The customization‌ of special ‌pieces of armor is not only restricted to the stats.‌ Players can customize the appearance of their armor and make it look‌ like any armor that they want. If there is a certain armor piece that someone likes more than another, they can change the appearance‍ of their current armor and make it look like that ‌one as well.

Once the ‌armor is customized, players will also have the ability to ⁢improve its stats. ⁢The Masterwork Core system comes ⁢with a​ range of modifiers to choose ⁢from. ⁤These modifiers will help ⁢players increase the stats of their armor and make it fit their preferred play style ​even better.

Destiny 2 ⁣fans all over the world are already thrilled with the new addition to the game. Bungie has come up with an amazing idea ‌and implemented it flawlessly. With ⁤this new addition​ to the ⁤game, Destiny 2 players have a ⁢completely new and exciting way to play the game.


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