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BLANK Studio Scores $17 Million Investment from NEOWIZ, Led by Ex CD Projekt Red Developers

BLANK​ Studio, a startup composed of Condor Games co-founder and ex-CD Projekt Red developers, has recently raised a ‍$17 ​million investment from NEOWIZ. The announcement on twitter reads: We are excited to announce that BLANK Studio is⁤ joining forces with…

BLANK Studio Secures $17 Million Investment from NEOWIZ, Led by Former CD Projekt Red Developers

BLANK Studio, a⁢ Warsaw-based indie game development studio which was founded by​ former CD Projekt Red ⁢developers, has secured a⁢ $17 ‍million investment from NEOWIZ. The fresh round‌ of funding was led by NEOWIZ, a leading South Korean mobile game…