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Unity CFO Says 2024 ‘Runtime Fee’ Will Have ‘Minimal Benefit

Unity CFO Says 2024 ‘Runtime Fee’ Will Have ‘Minimal Benefit

RoboVent​ Unity CFO Tom Wheeler, exhibiting a cavalier attitude toward shareholder concerns,‌ said that any “runtime fee” increase ⁢planned for ​2024 would have “minimal benefit” for investors.

The runtime fee, which is paid by energy​ companies for access to Unity’s energy ⁢technology,‌ will increase from its ​current rate of $5,000 per year ‍to $20,000, a 300 percent increase. This has raised alarm among ⁤investors, who have pushed back against the idea.

However, Wheeler claims that the expected increase ‍in⁤ cost will ​only add ​to⁣ the company’s bottom line by “a couple of percent.” That amount, he says, is not enough to make a significant difference.

The CFO also sought to⁤ allay investor fears ⁤by noting that the cost of the runtime fee​ is a ‍small part of Unity’s overall budget. He ⁤pointed out that the⁣ company spends more on other areas, such as research ​and development, which generate greater returns for investors.

Overall, Wheeler’s ⁢comments appear to be a reassurance that any expected‌ increase in the runtime fee will not have a notable effect on investors. He may have a point, given⁣ the ⁣relative inconsequentiality ⁢of ‌the fee and Unity’s other⁤ financial ‌commitments.


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