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Xbox Showcase Unveils Impressive Fable Trailer

Xbox Showcase Unveils Impressive Fable Trailer

Xbox Showcase Unveils Impressive Fable Trailer

Microsoft dazzled the gaming world with their impressive showcase event, highlighting their upcoming titles and the return of Fable, after a 10 year absence.

During the showcase, they shared a sneak peak of the upcoming Fable game, along with a trailer that sent fans into a frenzy. The trailer is set in a world full of fantastical creatures and shows off stunning visuals. It paints a picture of a storybook kingdom, where players can explore a variety of locations, including forests, mountains, and castles.

The trailer also reveals some of the new mechanics of the game, such as the ability to interact with the environment, create relationships with characters, and even build your own kingdoms.

It looks as though the world of Fable is thriving and the game promises to offer an enjoyable and immersive experience. With the trailer released and a potential release date of 2021, fans can take a first look at what is to come from the new installment in the beloved Fable franchise.


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