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Warzone Players Outraged Over Post-Halloween Ashika Nerf

This past Halloween, a ⁢post-update for the⁤ popular game Warzone was made, introducing an new​ character‍ named Ashika​ to the game. Players were⁢ happy with the character and were looking ⁣forward to the update. But, ⁤players quickly realized ‌that the…

Fans Outraged Over Latest ‘Diablo 4’ Nerf, Blizzard Responds to Criticism

Fans ⁢of⁤ the Diablo⁣ 4 video game have recently​ expressed ⁣outrage⁢ and⁤ disappointment after⁤ Blizzard ​Entertainment⁤ made various‌ adjustment to some of ‍the weapons in the ⁤game. Players ⁤have ⁢been vocal about their criticism of the apparently unnecessary and drastic…