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Voxel Doom 2 Arrives on August 1st – DSOGaming

Voxel Doom 2 Arrives on August 1st – DSOGaming

Voxel Doom 2 was ⁤released for all platforms, including PC, Xbox ⁢One,⁣ and PlayStation 4, on ⁤August ‍1st. ​This‍ highly ​acclaimed sequel to the classic Doom revolutionized ‌the FPS ⁢genre and features a unique voxel-based 3D​ artstyle that ⁣was ⁢received ​positively by fans and critics alike. Players get to⁤ experience‍ the purest form of Doom as it was ‍in 1993, but ‌now with voxels and‍ modern⁢ day graphics.

The sequel to the ‌classic ⁣Doom features a variety of enhancements, most​ notably ⁢in the⁢ weapons ​and enemies ⁤department. New voxel-based weapons have ⁤been added, such‍ as ‍the “Vancer” and the​ “Arcanum”, ‌which work⁤ with infinite ammo. ‍Additionally,‍ classic creatures⁤ from‍ the​ original​ games ‌have ​also been improved, such ⁤as the Revenant and the ⁢Cyberdemon. ​Players also get to experience the unique voxel-based environments, with‍ destructible objects, ⁣and ​a plethora ​of⁢ secrets to discover.

The graphics are also now in ‍full high-definition,⁢ which​ is a welcome addition ​for⁣ those who want‍ to ⁣experience the ⁣full ‍power of the voxel ⁤artstyle. Another neat feature ⁤is the ability to customize the settings to increase ​performance or visuals, depending‌ on individual⁤ needs. ‌

All in all, Voxel Doom ⁣2 is a ⁣great improvement over the original, and for all those who enjoy classic ​shooters, this⁤ is a​ must-have.⁤ If you loved the original Doom, ‌then ⁤Voxel Doom 2⁢ is⁢ the perfect opportunity to⁣ experience it in a brand new​ way.


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