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Valve Boosts Steam Security Following Malware Infestations

Valve Boosts Steam Security Following Malware Infestations

Valve Corporation has recently announced the rolling out of improved security features for user-generated game content on its Steam gaming ⁣platform. The move comes in⁢ reaction to ⁢a recent spate ​of malware infestations, which compromised ⁤a number of accounts and were believed to have originated from user-generated content. The new security features are meant to protect‍ gamers from ‌malicious content,⁣ as well as ‍draw attention to malicious activity on titles with many user-generated assets.

One major ⁤security feature is the implementation of “Steam File DNA” scanning for ​user-generated content within games. This technology works by analyzing files and looking‍ for malicious ⁢patterns,⁢ and then warnings the user before downloading. Steam ‌File DNA​ will be included in all newly-released titles on the Steam platform, with existing titles retroactively‍ getting the feature via updates.

Valve is⁣ also looking to better alert users of malicious activity by‍ monitoring user ‌reviews for titles that have user-generated content. Steam Reviews will now flag content that contains malicious files or​ links, allowing users⁢ to more easily ​discern⁤ what ⁣is not‍ safe to download. Additionally, specific game badges are being ‍developed to show‍ users when content is compromised or deemed⁢ potentially dangerous.

In addition, developers are now required to use Valve’s ⁢built-in digital rights management (DRM)‌ system, Steamworks ​Partner Protection,‍ when creating user-generated content for their games. This will help protect against the spread of malicious content, as well​ as inform users when they ‍are downloading files from an‍ unverified source.

These changes are being welcomed by‌ the gaming community,⁣ who see this as⁣ a step​ in the ⁣right direction for increased security of titles with user-generated content. While the Steam platform is not ⁢completely secure yet, Valve appears to‌ be on the right track for keeping⁤ users safe, as well as providing a more secure and ⁣enjoyable overall gaming experience.


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