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Unlock All Cheats in Twisted Metal 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock All Cheats in Twisted Metal 2: A Comprehensive Guide


Twisted Metal 2 ⁣is ‍a ‍classic vehicular ⁢combat ⁣game​ released ⁤for‍ the​ original ⁣Sony⁤ PlayStation ⁣in ‍1996. The‌ game continued‍ the trend of the ⁤original Twisted​ Metal, ⁢featuring​ a whole​ new ⁣set​ of ⁢levels, characters, and vehicles.‍ One of the ⁤most​ exciting‍ features of the game⁤ is the ​ability‌ to unlock⁣ cheats‌ that can give ​you‍ an ⁣edge‌ in‍ the ⁣game -‍ but how ⁢can you⁢ unlock all cheats ⁤in⁣ Twisted Metal 2? In ⁢this comprehensive guide,⁢ we’ll⁢ cover⁢ all ⁢the cheats in the game‍ and ​how⁤ to get them.‍

Cheats and Unlockables

There are four ⁤playable⁤ characters in ‌Twisted⁢ Metal‌ 2 ‍- Twisted Metal 2:‌ Axel, Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, ⁢and roadkill. ⁣Each one has a ⁢unique ⁢set‍ of​ unlockable‍ cheats that ‍can ‍give you ⁤an⁣ advantage over your ‌opponents.


Axel’s cheats include turbo boost, unlimited‌ fuel, ‌and big head mode. To⁢ unlock these cheats, you’ll ⁤need to⁤ win all the ⁤circuits⁤ in the ‍Twisted ​Tour ⁢mode.

Sweet⁢ Tooth

Sweet​ Tooth’s cheats include ⁢99 lives, ‍infinite ⁣ammo, and turbo ‌power. ‍To unlock these cheats, you’ll need ​to complete all of⁣ the Los Angeles missions.

Mr. Grimm

Mr. ‌Grimm’s cheats include‍ auto-repair ‍mode, invincible car, and all weapons. To​ unlock ⁤these cheats,⁢ you’ll need to​ complete all of the ‍newyork missions.


Roadkill’s cheats ‌include super ‍jump,⁢ infinite ⁢blast, and flying car. To unlock⁣ these cheats,⁢ you’ll⁤ need ⁢to ⁤complete ‍all ‍of the ‍mexico⁢ missions.


This concludes our comprehensive ⁤guide ‍to⁣ unlocking‌ all ⁣cheats in Twisted Metal​ 2. ⁢With⁣ the ‍cheats⁣ unlocked, you‍ can use them ⁣to ⁢gain an ⁢edge​ in ⁢the game‍ and‌ become ⁤the ‍ultimate vehicular combat master. Good luck ‌and have fun! ‍


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