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TimTheTatman’s Request Leads to Removal of Operator Bundle from Call of Duty

TimTheTatman’s Request Leads to Removal of Operator Bundle from Call of Duty

Call of Duty gamers have been up in arms since Activision announced their release of the brand new ‘Operator Bundle’ for their widely popular video game. The bundle provided fans of the game with access to exclusive customization tools for in-game characters, with a hefty price tag. However, popular streamer/gamer ‘TimTheTatman’ recently took to Twitter to voice his complaint against the costly bundle. It seems his statement was heard loud and clear, as Activision has recently removed the bundle from their store.

TimTheTatman took to Twitter to express his opinion of the bundle, claiming that the hefty price tag was too costly for the average gamer. He further stated that the price tag was outrageous for content which was supposedly ‘free’. Following his post, it was a case of player power; Activision quickly responded with the removal of the bundle from their store.

The particular bundle retailed for $19.99 USD, and the cost of the same bundle was five times more expensive than any other non-paid content in the game. Activision had given their paying customers exclusive customization options and other perks, allowing them an edge with in-game advantages. How players ‘represented’ themselves with the customization options also had a huge impact on the user experience.

The removal of the bundle resulted in applause from many gamers, and it brought the concept of player-power to the forefront. The power of social media, in particular, has eventually led the gaming giant to reconsider their release. With players having a voice in the decisions that the game’s giant makes, perhaps their voice is louder than any piece of marketing.

As a result of the uproar from gamers, Activision has removed the Operator Bundle from their store. It is no longer offered for purchase, although many gamers still have access to the bundle which they purchased prior to the removal. Furthermore, new and existing players now have access to free customization options, which were previously exclusive to those who purchased the bundle.

This is a prime example of player power, and it is a reflection of how customer feedback and opinion play a strong role in the treatment of customers. This recent situation also brings into question the pricing of digital content and exclusive features, providing gamers with a footing in the marketplace.


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