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Season 7 of Overwatch: Tank Hero Revealed with Hints from Sprays!

Season 7 of Overwatch: Tank Hero Revealed with Hints from Sprays!

Season​ 7 of Overwatch has finally been revealed and it’s‌ as exciting as ever! There have ‍been‌ a few ​hints here⁣ and there from sprays, but now the⁢ talk is getting more serious and the season is almost upon us. The big highlight of the season is the⁤ addition of‌ a new tank hero, Sigma.

Sigma is a science experiment gone wrong and a force of chaos for the Overwatch team. He can ⁢manipulate gravity and materialize barriers to give him an edge in combat. His⁣ playstyle is perfect ​for tank roles, making him a ⁢viable pick for⁢ any team composition. His kit includes defensive options such as absorbing damage and his ultimate allows‍ him to create a massive barrier‌ for ⁣protection.

In addition, there are also some smaller updates and tweaks coming to the game that‍ will bring the game to a new level. This includes a​ new season “game style” that ⁣is designed​ to enhance teamplay and ⁣strategic decision-making, balance changes to characters ‍like⁣ Mercy and⁤ Widowmaker,‌ and improvements to performance and audio quality.

Season 7 ‌of Overwatch has a number​ of ‌cool features ⁢that will make it great for‍ competitive and casual⁣ players alike. ⁢For competitive ‌players, Sigma makes for an exciting addition to any team composition and the new game style ⁣should enhance the strategic element of the game. Casual players will also enjoy‌ the tweaks to existing characters‌ and audio and performance improvements.

Overall, Season 7 of Overwatch looks set to⁢ be an exciting time for all players, regardless of‌ skill level or playstyle. With‌ the introduction of Sigma and tweaks to existing characters,​ Overwatch is sure to remain a great game for a long time to ‌come.


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