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Six Free Games Now Available to Download and Play on Steam!

Six Free Games Now Available to Download and Play on Steam!

Steam, Valve’s digital ​gaming platform, has⁢ just made available six⁢ brand-new free-to-play games for ​download and play. All six games are entirely free, allowing you to ⁤try‍ out the games without ⁣worrying about a ‌hefty​ price tag.⁤ Here are the six ‌free games now available to download and play on ‌Steam:

1. CardLife: This ‌multiplayer survival game takes place in a unique world made entirely out of cardboard. Players will ⁢explore⁣ the expansive ⁤world while ⁢crafting their own tools ⁢and items. ‌You will also have the ability to customize ⁢your character’s look, adding a personal touch to an already exciting game.

2. ⁣HEROES OF INFINITY:⁢ In this ⁢futuristic action-packed game, ‌you’ll play as a powerful hero and fight against waves of monsters to restore peace to the world. Choose from a⁣ variety of characters, customize ⁣your skills and⁢ find new weapons and⁤ armor⁤ to aid⁣ you in your adventure.

3. Picross S: This puzzle ​game is⁢ perfect if ⁣you’re looking to challenge your brain. You must ⁣use logic and deduction to uncover the hidden picture grids.⁣ Unlock a variety of puzzle⁤ packs ‍and dive deep into the challenge. Narrow‍ pathways and tricky puzzles make this game an enjoyable experience for puzzlers⁣ of all levels.

4. Dungeon of Dragon Knight: In this ⁤turn-based RPG roguelike, you embark on ⁣a challenging ⁣quest to ⁢save your kingdom. Face‌ fierce enemies, magical creatures and tons of traps ​during your journey. Forge new weapons, explore mysterious lands and interact with NPCs to ‍create an immersive ⁢gaming experience.

5. ARPG 335: This exciting action-adventure ⁣game lets you create and customize your own⁣ classic fantasy hero. Gather​ powerful items to help ⁤you‌ in⁣ your quest and battle enemies to gain experience and rewards. Progress through various⁤ stages filled with puzzles and enemies, as you fight ‌for glory and honor.

6. Combat Air Patrol: Take control of an advanced combat ⁤aircraft and ‍battle ⁣enemy forces in this fast-paced, thrilling​ aerial combat game. Equip yourself ⁤with an‌ array of weapons⁤ and gadgets to gain the upper hand on‍ the battlefield. ⁣Enjoy realistic visuals and challenging‌ missions as you become an ace pilot.

So ‌if ‍you’re looking for a way to treat yourself to a⁣ few new free-to-play games, you’ll definitely want to check out these six exciting options. Download them now ⁢and enjoy the amazing free-to-play gaming experience that Steam has to offer!


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