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Shoot ’em Up Classic ‘Radiant Silvergun’ Set to Make PC Debut August 18th

Shoot ’em Up Classic ‘Radiant Silvergun’ Set to Make PC Debut August 18th

Radiant Silvergun, playing a major ​part in the history ‌of Japanese ⁢shoot ’em up games, is coming to the PC​ for the very first time this​ August. Initially released in ​1998 exclusively for the Sega Saturn, the classic game is making its way ‌to Steam⁣ platforms with ⁣the ⁤help of‍ a remastered version of the tried⁢ and true original.

Radiant Silvergun stands out from the typical shoot ’em up ​game because of its unique⁣ setting, strange level design, and, most‍ of all, it’s⁣ unforgettable, intense, ⁢yet ⁢enjoyable ‍difficulty. With seven levels and ultra-powerful weapons to wield⁢ in battle,​ the old-school side scroller could be considered a challenge to even the most seasoned‍ gamers.

As ‌far as the upcoming version goes, Treasure ⁤Inc. have included⁢ all​ of⁤ the original ​stages,‌ rockets, and bosses, as well as new‍ HD visuals ⁤and remastered music and ​sound effects. The Steam version also offers online leaderboards,⁢ customizable‌ controls, and save and ‌resume functions.

Treasure Inc.‍ assures fans ⁢of the original who⁤ feared Radiant⁣ Silvergun loosing its difficulty without an arcade joystick that the most important feature,⁤ the game’s balance, has remained​ the same.‌ This⁢ is a game for‌ ‘purists’ and with that, a steep challenge.

Radiant Silvergun is coming to Steam ‌platforms on August 18th. An ⁣Android version of the game is planned to be ​released at a later date.


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