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Sega and Yoko Taro’s Error Game ‘Reset’ Ends Abruptly After Less Than a Year

⁣ Sega and Yoko Taro’s ⁢highly-anticipated game, Reset, has been abruptly discontinued after less than⁤ a year. The ⁣game, which was⁤ released in March 2020, was set in a‍ post-apocalyptic future ⁢and ⁤was praised for its ⁣unique art style and…

Sega & Yoko Taro’s ‘Error Game Reset’ Shuts Down After Short Run on Mobile

Sega &⁣ Yoko Taro’s ‘Error Game Reset’ has shut down after a short run on mobile platforms. The game, which was released⁣ in August 2019, has been ⁤shut down‍ by developer Sega and ⁢publisher Yoko Taro, the team behind popular…