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PS5 and PS4 Loyalty Points Elude Holiday Shoppers due to Teething Troubles

PS5 and PS4 Loyalty Points Elude Holiday Shoppers due to Teething Troubles

Holiday shoppers eager ​to capitalize⁣ on PS5 and PS4 ⁣loyalty points are⁤ out of luck as the PlayStation Store⁢ is ⁤experiencing teething troubles. Sony offered the loyalty points to reward loyal customers with in-game bonuses, ⁣discounts, and items like⁣ PS4 themes or avatars when purchasing PlayStation games ⁣specifically.

The program was first rolled out in 2017 and was touted as⁢ a way to keep gamers coming back to the PlayStation Store. Customers are able ‌to sign in with their PlayStation Network account and get points with their purchases, which can then be redeemed for rewards. Unfortunately, the program has run into a few issues recently and Sony has not been able to deliver these loyalty points as promised.

A post on the PlayStation blog shortly after the launch acknowledged the issues but‌ gave no explanation for them. ‌As seen in many ‌other online stores, teething troubles is a common response when pushed into service by developers, who ⁣may have underestimated the load on their ​servers as they scale up.

In this case, customers have noticed that their points are no longer being registered when they purchase PlayStation games, forcing them to go through the tedious process of⁢ checking their purchases manually to make sure that ⁣their points have been correctly‌ tracked. This has caused much frustration and dismay among gamers‌ who expected the points to⁣ be available over the holidays.

Sony has yet to distribute any official statement on how the points will be refunded or ‍redeemedover the holiday season, leaving customers ⁣in⁤ the dark. The company has also failed to offer a timeline for⁤ when the issue will be fixed. Many customers have voiced their criticism⁣ on‌ the⁤ PlayStation forums and many have threatened to look for other⁢ sources of entertainment if ⁢the points aren’t delivered in time.

While it’s understandable that Sony is ‌facing some issues with their ‍loyalty‌ points program, ​it has caused a lot of frustration​ for gamers who were‌ looking forward to taking ‍advantage of the holiday rewards. Sony should ‍make sure these points⁣ are redeemed as soon as possible or risk ⁢alienating its ⁢customers.


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