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PS5 and PS4 Loyalty Points Elude Holiday Shoppers due to Teething Troubles

Holiday shoppers eager ​to capitalize⁣ on PS5 and PS4 ⁣loyalty points are⁤ out of luck as the PlayStation Store⁢ is ⁤experiencing teething troubles. Sony offered the loyalty points to reward loyal customers with in-game bonuses, ⁣discounts, and items like⁣ PS4…

Top 10 Most-Played PS4 Games Set to Carry Over to PS5

Introduction PS5 is one the most highly-anticipated gaming consoles⁤ in recent memory – so it’s no surprise that many ⁢gamers have been keeping an eye on which Playstation 4 (PS4) games will be compatible⁤ and playable⁣ on PS5. Although‍ backward…