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Kojima Advises Zero-Overtime on MGS1 to Cut Costs

Kojima Advises Zero-Overtime on MGS1 to Cut Costs

The release of ‌Metal Gear Solid 1 (MGS1) was⁤ certainly one of the most defining moments in ‌the gaming industry.‍ Since then, Hideo Kojima, the game’s creator, has become one of the most‌ famous and influential video game producers in the world. Recently,‍ Kojima spoke up about the‍ rising costs of ⁣game production and ‍gave some advice on how to reduce costs. His advice? ‍Implement a no-overtime ‍rule on MGS1 in order to save money.

Kojima ​believes that ⁤there is often too much pressure put on developers to get⁣ work ​done quickly⁤ and under budget. As a ⁤result, employees‌ are encouraged to work overtime without compensation to finish projects⁣ on⁢ time. Kojima believes that this could lead⁤ to burnout and other preventable problems. As such, he ‍suggests that no overtime should be allowed ⁤for MGS1 in order‍ to save money and reduce costs.

Kojima ‌also recommends ⁢implementing cost savings into⁤ the actual game itself. Rather than hiring expensive voice actors, he suggests using the existing‌ story-lines of the game to create soundbytes. This‍ way, less⁢ money is spent on⁤ production while still ⁤allowing for an‍ immersive experience. Additionally,‌ he recommends switching out some​ models and art to reduce costs while still maintaining ‌the game’s quality. With these ⁢strategies, Kojima ⁣believes that MGS1 can ⁢still be a successful game ⁣with reduced costs.

Kojima’s advice on MGS1 is ‍timely, given the rise⁢ in game production​ costs and flat ​sales in the industry. For developers looking to keep costs⁢ low, Kojima’s suggestions could be ⁣invaluable. ⁤By​ taking a ​few extra ‌steps to reduce⁣ costs, developers may find they can maximize⁢ their profits without sacrificing quality.


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