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Minecraft Reaps Significantly Higher Revenues on Nintendo Switch Than Xbox: Microsoft Study

Minecraft Reaps Significantly Higher Revenues on Nintendo Switch Than Xbox: Microsoft Study

Microsoft has recently published the results of a comprehensive study into the revenues of Minecraft across the Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms, in comparison to other leading gaming products. The results of the study showed that Minecraft was significantly more profitable on the Nintendo Switch than on Xbox.

The research, conducted by Microsoft’s Xbox division, found that overall profits from Minecraft, including sales of the game, expansions, and additional content, were 84 percent higher on the Switch than on Xbox. The research was conducted over a six month period. On the Switch, the games “Minecraft: Story Mode” and “Minecraft: Education Edition” also saw significant increases in revenue compared to the other platforms.

The research team stated that an important factor in the success of the game on the Switch was the system’s accessibility. They felt that the console’s user-friendly interface and design was particularly complimented by Minecraft’s blocky, pixelated graphics. The research team also found that the Switch’s portability, the ability to play it anywhere with friends, and its library of exclusive content were key factors in its success.

The research team attributed the Switch’s success to Nintendo’s focus on creating a fun, family-friendly console. They found that many of the console’s core games, like Mario and Zelda, were very popular among parents, who could also use the console to play Minecraft with their children. The research concluded that the Switch’s family-oriented approach and design was essential in driving revenues for the console.

The research team also noted that while the Xbox version of Minecraft was also highly profitable, their study found that it did not come close to the revenues gleaned from the Switch. Microsoft concluded that their investment in the Switch had been worth it, and that the console was a terrific platform for their products.


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