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Marathon Mode Ends: Rocket Arena To Shut Down In March

Marathon Mode Ends: Rocket Arena To Shut Down In March

Rocket Arena, the team-based 3v3 arena⁣ fighter developed by Final Strike Games and published by EA, will be shutting⁤ down on March 30th. According to Final ⁣Strike Games, the game’s closure is unrelated to⁣ COVID-19 or any other​ recent world events, as the‌ game was simply unable to ⁣reach and sustain‍ a sufficient‍ number of⁢ players. Those who have purchased Rocket Arena in⁢ any form will be eligible⁢ to receive⁣ a full refund.

Rocket Arena launched in July of 2020 with the release of ⁢its free-to-play ⁤”Marathon ⁣Mode” game mode,⁣ which features no loot boxes and no paying-to-win elements. The game’s Marathon ‌mode was praised for its lack of‍ pay-to-win⁢ features, but ultimately did not generate enough⁣ players to sustain the‌ game. Along with shutting down the game, all ‌in-game stores, progression‌ systems, and⁢ user progression systems ‌and features ⁤will be shut down.

In a statement on the ‌official Rocket Arena website, Final Strike Games said they are “deeply ⁣sorry for⁤ any disappointment” that the game’s closure may cause. They are ​working to ensure that all ⁢players are ​refunded for any Rocket Points or other purchases⁤ made in the game. The game’s official social‌ media accounts,⁣ Discord server, and Forums will also⁣ be ⁢taken down. Final Strike Games thanked the dedicated players for their time, as well ⁢as its developers and community.

Rocket Arena will be shutting down on ‌March 30th. Players who have purchased or plan ⁢to purchase Rocket⁣ Arena should be eligible to‌ receive a full refund, and⁢ are encouraged to contact the publisher and developer for more ​information.​


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