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League Players Hail ‘Briar’ as the ‘Warwick but Better’ Champion of Legends

League Players Hail ‘Briar’ as the ‘Warwick but Better’ Champion of Legends

Despite the controversy surrounding‍ the newest champion of⁢ Legends, players in league across the world have been bringing a wealth of recognition to the character of ‘Briar’ by singing her praises and praising ​her as the ‘Warwick but Better’ champion.

Briar, a hybrid werewolf assassin, has been suspected by⁣ some riot players​ to possess an unfair advantage when compared to other ‍champions. While no official rules or ​regulations have been⁤ violated or seem to be broken⁣ in favor of Briar, some who have faced her on the battlefield in various leagues have coined the phrase ‘Warwick but Better’ as an ⁤indication of her superiority.

With the recent additions of characters to Legends, Briar has become ⁣a‍ fan favorite among ⁣the ⁤players​ as both her design and ​gameplay are incredibly dynamic. Briar has ⁣been described by many as having unique abilities which give her a clear advantage in battle. From her heightened senses ⁢which she uses to detect⁤ enemy positions to her ability to shapeshift, Briar is quickly advancing her place among the best champions of⁤ all time.

A ​series⁢ of social media posts are praising Briar as the ‘Warwick but Better’ champion as many players are convinced her abilities make her appear as an⁤ enhanced version of Warwick. She has been lauded for her agility and⁢ strength as well‌ as her tactical positioning which gives her‍ a superior edge when compared‍ to other champions.

Some even proclaim that Briar is the best champion in the game right now, such⁤ is her stature in the ‍League. Fans are already clamoring to see more‌ of Briar in the competition as her presence alone seems to bring an added ⁣excitement to the game.

Briar has been a ‍trending topic since her recent introduction to the scene, and ⁤it would appear that her title of ‘Warwick but Better’ champion​ of Legends is safe for now as⁢ her supporters continue to hail Briar and look toward her future success.


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