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JMcrofts Nails the Ultimate Week 1 Street Fighter VI Tier List

JMcrofts Nails the Ultimate Week 1 Street Fighter VI Tier List

JMcrofts, the professional Street Fighter VI player, has released his Ultimate Week 1 Tier List ahead of the official November 23rd launch date. The week 1 tier list has been highly anticipated for months, and is sure to impact the upcoming competitive scene.

JMcrofts has been a major player in the Street Fighter community since 2002 when he first started competing professionally. He has been known as one of the best players in the game, earning multiple titles during his years of competition. His expertise and experience is evident in this Tier List as he dives deep into the nuances of each character, analysing their moveset, combos, damage output, as well as matchup data. His knowledge of the game makes him well qualified to rank the entire cast of characters.

His tier list, though incomplete, is comprehensive nonetheless. He starts with his S tier, which he defines as characters who can win against all other characters in their own weight class. This includes characters like Sakura and Oro from SFVI, who bring an unparalleled level of execution and variety to the SFVI cast. He then goes on to list the A tier which, according to JMcrofts, contain characters who perform exceptionally well against the top five characters plus mid-tier characters, in their own weight class. The B tier, on the other hand, have solid match-ups against the mid-tier character, but don’t possess the same level of damage output as the higher tiers. Characters like Dhalsim and Poison make appearances here. The bottom tier of his list, D, is reserved for characters whose moveset, matchups, and damage output are among the lowest of the cast.

JMcrofts’ Week 1 tier list is sure to shape the competitive Street Fighter VI scene for months to come. The list will be refined as time goes on and more data is available, but for now it is the go to source for players looking to start SFVI competitively. With such an experienced and knowledgeable player behind the list, players can feel the list is accurate and reliable.


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