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Harmonix Head Discusses Fortnite, Metaverse, and Music’s Future – Game Informer

“Fortnite has⁤ changed the world of gaming music. It’s taking music out of a linear context,‌ which enables us to create experiences that weren’t previously possible,” says Alex Rigopulos, CEO ‍of Harmonix, the creators‌ of iconic games like Rock Band…

Riot Discusses Chaances of Making League of Legends Arena Mode Permanent

Yesterday, Riot Games addressed the possibility of making ‍their recently ⁣released ⁤League of Legends Arena⁤ mode a permanent feature, due ⁣to ⁣the success‌ of the ⁢game mode. Riot opened up about​ the⁤ reasons‍ why ‍they are considering a permanent change…