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F-Zero 99 Update 1.1.0 Launched: Here Are The Full Patch Notes

F-Zero 99 Update 1.1.0 Launched: Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Nintendo recently released the first major patch to F-Zero 99, introducing several ‍balance changes and bug⁤ fixes.⁢ Following‌ weeks of⁤ hype, the patch is now available on all Nintendo and third-party ⁣consoles. Here are the full ⁢patch notes ‌for ​ F-Zero 99 Update 1.1.0.

Balance Changes

  • Grand Prix: Adjusted vehicle behaviour‌ to allow for more competitive racing.
  • Stage⁤ Maps: ‌ Adjusted cross-stage behaviour to create better ‍conditions for ⁣medium and long-range⁤ tactics.
  • Power-ups: Adjusted spawn rate of power-ups to ⁣make them more​ fair and balanced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing⁣ the game to crash if the player⁢ attempted​ to restart a race.
  • Fixed an issue causing the‍ game to freeze if ⁢the player failed⁤ to win ⁣in⁣ the Grand Prix.
  • Fixed a bug causing vehicles to sometimes ‌lose ⁤control during a ‌race.
  • Fixed‌ an issue‌ that‌ caused vehicles to move slowly in water.


  • Added​ updated audio effects to enhance the players’ experience.
  • Added support for two additional controllers.
  • Improved system performance.

These ‍changes should have a positive impact on the overall balance and ⁣enjoyment of F-Zero 99 and its online community. With Update 1.1.0 released, players can‍ look forward to taking⁣ on the competition‌ in more balanced and enjoyable​ races.


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