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3 Exciting Games Now Available With Xbox Game Pass – November 28

3 Exciting Games Now Available With Xbox Game Pass – November 28

‍ It’s time⁤ for some‍ exciting new games with Xbox Game Pass. Starting November 28, gamers everywhere can now access three new games with romance, mystery, and high speed action.

For ⁢adventure lovers, “Hard West” is an RPG set in the wild, wild days of the ⁣American Frontier. Players will investigate a supernatural mystery while navigating dangerous jungles, arid deserts, and marshes. With vibrant backdrops, intense gunfights and multiple endings, gamers are sure to experience an incredible journey.

If you’re looking for a different type of adventure, “Bee Simulator” is the ideal game. Zoom around the world as a bee-gain‌ point-of-view as you explore the great outdoors and help rescue your hive from⁤ a hostile hive. With‍ a‍ variety of levels, expert​ flying techniques, and easy to use ‍controls, gamers of all ages can get started right away.

Finally, speed demons‌ won’t want‌ to miss out on “Raceline CC,” an intense and exhilarating‍ racing ​game. With realistic tracks, numerous customization options, and intense racing challenges, this game offers hours of exciting and challenging gameplay. Players can compete for top-billing on leaderboards, as well ​as attempt special challenges to ​win extra​ rewards.

Jump into these brand new games ⁢this ‍November 28 with Xbox Game Pass.


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