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EA Sports UFC 5 Set for October Release: Why the M-Rating

EA Sports UFC 5 Set for October Release: Why the M-Rating

EA Sports UFC 5‍ Set for October Release: Why the M-Rating

Electronic‌ Arts (EA) has announced that its ‍newest ⁢installment in the EA Sports UFC franchise, EA Sports UFC 5, is set for ​an October release.‍ EA Sports UFC ⁢5 is ⁢an MMA fighting game featuring some of the world’s greatest fighters. ​The game has been assigned an M-rating by⁣ the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB),‍ for players aged 17 and up.

There are many ⁣reasons why the ESRB chose the M-rating for EA Sports UFC 5. The game features​ intense combat, with realistic sound and visuals⁢ of players ​being struck by fists and ​feet, and the​ occasional takedown into a ⁤submission hold. Additionally, there are realistic character models that include blood,‌ blood splatter, skin tears, and bruises. The potential for graphic violence in the game is why the ​ESRB ‍opted for⁣ the M-rating.

EA Sports UFC 5 also includes a mode that​ allows players to compete against ⁤others via the online‍ network. ‌The game​ thus ⁤features language consistent with that often used in online gaming, including profanity, which is⁣ another ​reason why the ESRB chose the M-rating ⁣for ⁤the game.‌ The game also features interactions with referees ⁣and cornermen, and players can also gain access⁢ to in-game updates on fights.

EA Sports UFC 5 is a ⁢fighting game for ⁤mature audiences. It’s graphic content and potentially offensive language‌ are two main reasons why the‍ ESRB‌ has ⁣chosen ⁤the M-rating for EA⁣ Sports UFC 5. Although​ it is designed primarily for adults, players aged 17 and ⁢up can purchase and play the game, when it‍ releases‌ this October.


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