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Donald Mustard Steps Down as Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer

Donald Mustard Steps Down as Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer

Video⁤ game developer Epic Games has announced that Donald ‍Mustard, Epic’s Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of the​ company, will be stepping down from his role. Mustard has been with Epic ⁤Games⁢ since its founding in 1991, alongside Tim Sweeney.

Mustard ​said that he plans to move from his current role to become Executive Director of Epic Games, a role that has not been previously announced⁣ and​ is ⁤said​ to be focusing on‍ “bigger​ picture” projects. ⁣Mustard ‍will retain his role as⁢ a member​ of the Board of Directors for Epic Games.

In ‍a statement, founder and CEO Tim Sweeney thanked Mustard for his many⁤ years of contribution to Epic Games.

“Donald has been a driving force of creative innovation at Epic, and his contributions ⁤have‌ helped Epic become the premier game‍ development and digital entertainment company that it ‍is today.​ We thank him⁣ for all of ⁣his ⁤contributions over the years and wish him the best in this new venture.”

Mustard ‍also expressed his gratitude for his time at Epic Games, citing the opportunities and experiences⁤ it has given him.

“It has been my best‍ years not only professionally, but also personally, as Epic’s‍ culture and ⁤the people here have enriched my heart and soul. I’m ⁢looking forward to the new⁤ challenges ahead and the experiences and opportunities⁤ this new journey will bring.”

As ⁢Epic Games continues ⁤to grow and change, Mustard has been a large part of the company’s history and success. His innovative‍ ideas and leadership will be missed, but his legacy at ​Epic Games will live on.


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