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Where to Find Xur in Destiny 2: June 23-27

Where to Find Xur in Destiny 2: June 23-27

Are you searching for Xur in Destiny 2? Well, he has arrived and here’s where you can find him starting June 23-27:

  • June 23
    EDZ, Winding Cove
  • June 24
    Titan, The Rig
  • June 25
    Nessus, Watcher’s Grave
  • June 26
    IO, Giant’s Scar
  • June 27
    Tangled Shore, Four-Horned Gulch

Xur offers many powerful rewards for players, such as Exotic Weapons and Armor, as well as Fated Engrams. You can buy Exotics not currently in your collection, or purchase an upgrade of those you already own. You should bring plenty of Legendary Shards to purchase items from Xur.

The Fated Engram is a special item that Xur offers. It contains one Exotic that you do not already have in your collection. You can use the same currency that you used for other Xur items to buy Fated Engrams. The Fated Engram will contain powerful rewards, and will provide you with a chance to complete your Exotic collection.

When searching for Xur, each week he will be located at one of the aforementioned locations. Make sure to check each of these places for Xur and see if you can find him. He will only be available from June 23-27, so don’t miss your chance to purchase powerful rewards!


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