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God of War Studio Sony Santa Monica Welcomes Gears of War Franchise Narrative Director

⁣ A recent tweet from the official account of Sony Santa Monica ‍has‌ revealed that the team has welcomed a new addition to the team. Jason Vandenberghe, the narrative director ‍of the popular Gears‍ of War franchise, has joined the…

Cliff Bleszinski Sees Bright Future for Gears of War with Reboot Modeled After God of War

Cliff Bleszinski, creator of⁣ the Gears of War franchise, has expressed his⁢ enthusiasm​ for ⁢the potential of the Gears of War ⁣IP to reach new ⁣heights‌ with the release of the‌ upcoming reboot. Bleszinski is especially excited for the God…