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Chinese Authorities Shut Down VALO2ASIA – AI Cheat Provider for VALORANT Esports

Chinese Authorities Shut Down VALO2ASIA – AI Cheat Provider for VALORANT Esports

In a recent development, Chinese authorities have shut down VALO2ASIA, a Chinese provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) cheating services for VALORANT esports. VALO2ASIA was reportedly providing ⁤external information and ⁤processing services for the VALORANT game,‍ causing an unfair‍ advantage to its users.

The⁤ closure of VALO2ASIA was announced by Chinese ‍state-run media Xinhua on Thursday. ⁤According to the news report, the​ company was shut ‍down for allegedly providing ‌cheating services that‌ provided users with an artificial competitive edge in gaming. The Xinhua report​ further ⁤mentions that authorities confiscated computers and data as evidence, and noted that‌ the ⁢company had “suspected involvement in cybercrime, infringing on rights of others⁣ in the process.”

VALORANT,⁢ which is developed ‌by Riot Games, is ⁤a fast-growing esports game in the⁣ competitive gaming space. Riot Games recently announced that it had ‌taken‌ over 1.3 million matches for cheating conducting via cheating services, such as ⁤those provided ‌by‍ VALO2ASIA, since the launch of⁢ the game ⁢in 2020. In response‍ to the shutdown of VALO2ASIA, Riot⁣ Games stated, “We welcome​ governments around the world to take a stand against cheating.”

The closure of VALO2ASIA is ⁣part of a larger Chinese effort to address cheating in the gaming ⁢industry. In April, the Chinese economic and information technology authorities ⁣announced the opening of an investigation into an online gaming industry, warning of possible “severe penalties” if⁤ the companies ​were⁤ found to be engaging in unfair game-related activities.

The closure of VALO2ASIA is‌ yet another example of governments cracking down ​on the abuse of technology and gaming‌ for​ illegal activities. This occurrence can⁢ serve as an effective⁢ warning to other services or entities‍ providing such ​illegal services.


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