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Bungie Looks to Make Marathon the Ultimate Live Service Game for the PS5

Bungie Looks to Make Marathon the Ultimate Live Service Game for the PS5

Bungie, the developer behind Destiny and the Marathon series, is looking to make the second installment of Marathon the ‘ultimate live service game’ for the upcoming PlayStation 5. Marathon 2, released in 2021, promises to bring a brand new experience to the Marathon trilogy. Bungie is looking to bring the current of the Marathon series to the new console, while also will be introducing new features that will make this game stand out from the rest of the Marathon franchise.

First off, the game will be set in an all-new sci-fi universe, with a much larger scale than anything previously seen in the Marathon games. The universe itself will feature various alien races, colonies, factions, and civilizations, all with their own goals and objectives. Players will have to explore and interact with this alien universe, as they strive to complete their objectives. The game will also bring with it a full-fledged story mode, which was absent from the originals title.

Bungie is also looking to add more content to the game than what was released in the original Marathon games. This includes various missions, side-quests, and puzzles that will all be connected to the main story mode. Additionally, Bungie is planning to include several live-service elements such as various seasonal events, tournaments, weekly challenges and rewards, as well as the option to purchase additional content.

Finally, Bungie is aiming to make Marathon 2 an engaging, immersive experience, with features such as: a dedicated player-versus-player mode, team-based multiplayer modes, cooperative leaderboards, dynamic weather conditions, enhanced enemy AI, and deeper character customization. All of these features have been carefully crafted to create a truly memorable and unique experience that will keep players engaged and coming back for more.

By making Marathon 2 the ‘ultimate live service game’ for the PlayStation 5, Bungie is hoping to add a whole new layer of depth and enjoyment to the Marathon franchise. With its unique story, exciting new content, and a variety of live-service elements, Bungie is confident that Marathon 2 will be a must-play on the PlayStation 5, and an experience that gamers will cherish for years to come.


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