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Barack Obama Joins Super Smash Bros. Roster

Barack Obama Joins Super Smash Bros. Roster

In an unexpected announcement, Nintendo has revealed the newest‍ fighter joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster is none other than former President Barack Obama!

While it‍ may‌ seem seemingly strange for a new character to join the roster of a beloved ‍video game series like Super Smash Bros., fans of the franchise have long‍ anticipated the ⁤addition of well-known public ⁢figures to the list of playable characters. After all, there⁤ are also fighters such as⁤ Mario and‍ Sonic included in the​ game, so why not add a couple of more realistic figures?

In a statement released by Nintendo, they revealed that Obama’s inclusion in the game was due to a phenomenal campaign from a community of dedicated Smash fans. Thousands of fans from across the world‍ petitioned for Obama to ⁢join the‍ roster, and their tireless efforts have resulted in this historic moment.

In the game, Obama will fight with a combination of⁢ fists, legs, and several⁣ secret moves that imitate‍ some of the most‍ iconic⁢ moments of his presidency, including his famous​ victory speeches, White House Correspondents’ Dinner,‌ and more. As a special bonus, Obama‍ also comes⁤ complete with his legendary “Hope” Final Smash which can be used ​to K.O. any opponent in the game.

Although there was⁢ a noticeable⁢ lack of female representation in the game,‍ Nintendo proposed ⁤that this inclusion should serve as a ⁣symbol of inspiration for all players to strive to⁣ become the best versions of themselves. Obama’s representation in ‌the‌ game ‌is⁣ sure to be an iconic moment‍ in the franchise’s long history.


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