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An Annoying Fortnite “Glitch” is Intentional: What You Need to Know

An Annoying Fortnite “Glitch” is Intentional: What You Need to Know

We’ve all heard about Fortnite, the popular video game that has enthralled millions of gamers since it ⁢was‌ released in 2017. Despite the game’s immense success, it isn’t without its ‍faults, which unfortunately include an annoying “glitch” that ‍has been around from ​the start. The glitch, which delays the game’s​ “building phase,” can be incredibly frustrating for players, as it⁤ significantly impacts the game experience. However, it turns out that this effect is⁢ actually intentional – ‌and here’s ‍what you need to know.

When Fortnite ​was‌ designed, its developers placed a “delay period” ‍into ⁣the game, which causes a slight pause between actions. This is meant to give players’ computers time to⁤ “catch up” and prevent graphical slowdowns. This ‍“glitch,” as gamers call it, can be‌ incredibly⁢ annoying, as it⁣ prevents‌ players from⁣ immediately ⁤building or shooting.

It is important to note, however, that this intentional delay⁢ period has been⁤ present ‍since the ‍game⁣ was released and works to improve the overall gaming experience. It is mainly in response to the game’s “busy” graphics, which if left unchecked, can lead to serious graphical issues or slowdowns. The delay period helps to ‍mediate these‌ effects and prevent major gameplay​ issues.

Despite this, players are still​ angry about‍ the “glitch”‍ and its ⁣impact on their gameplay. Players have expressed a variety of grievances⁣ with the feature, ⁣but most agree that the downside of the delay period outweighs the upside. Fortunately, Epic Games, Fortnite’s developer,⁣ is listening ⁢and has recently introduced an option to‍ turn the delay period off in the game’s settings, giving players back their control.

In conclusion, the Fortnite “glitch” that has been plaguing the game since launch is actually an intentional feature meant to improve the ‌overall game ⁢experience. Fortunately, Epic Games has recently released a setting to turn the delay period off, once and for ⁣all. Hopefully, this ⁣will help to improve the overall Fortnite experience for gamers everywhere.


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