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FF16 PC: SSD Storage Is a Must for Optimal Performance

FF16 PC: SSD Storage Is a Must for Optimal Performance

FF16 PC: SSD Storage Is a Must ⁤for Optimal Performance

When building a PC specifically⁢ tailored for playing FF16, one of the most essential components to consider⁢ is the storage drive. Having the right ⁢storage drive for optimal ‌performance in FF16 ‍requires looking into what type of drive and how much space is needed‌ for the best experience. In this article we’ll look at why an SSD drive is a must, as well as size considerations⁤ and cost.

Benefits of⁣ SSD: One of the biggest advantages to ⁢having an SSD​ drive, or Solid State Drive, for⁢ FF16 is lightning fast⁣ load times. Unlike traditional hard drives with spinning platters and moving parts, SSDs are all electronic. Without any motion needed to find stored data, SSDs⁣ can access files almost instantaneously, reducing load times significantly. This speed​ is essential for⁣ when getting into packed multiplayer‌ games or playing on huge maps.

Size Considerations: When deciding on the size of ⁤an‌ SSD, it’s important to factor in the size of the game and ‍any⁤ expansion packs. FF16 requires approximately 90 ⁢GB of space. If you want⁤ to add additional⁤ packs, ⁢you’ll need at least ‍250⁣ GB of space ⁤in total. For the best performance, it’s probably worth going​ with a 512 GB drive.

Cost: One of‍ the big drawbacks when it comes ⁤to SSDs is cost. SSDs are more expensive than ‍traditional drives, so for ⁢those tight on budget, you may want to stick‍ with a hard drive. However, if you’re looking ⁣for the best performance, it’s highly recommended ⁢to opt for an SSD.

In conclusion, if you’re considering building a PC specifically for FF16, it’s highly recommended to invest in an‍ SSD. The performance gains, especially in⁤ terms of load‌ times, will ​be well worth the cost. Be ⁢sure to factor in the size of the game and add-ons to ensure ‍you⁢ have​ enough storage space.


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