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8 Must-Have Games For Nintendo Switch in 2023!

8 Must-Have Games For Nintendo Switch in 2023!

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular consoles since its release ⁤in 2017. With a portable console that allows you to both travel with ⁤and play on the big screen, ​the ‌Nintendo Switch is set to revolutionize the​ gaming industry. With the new year‌ quickly⁤ approaching, we’ve compiled a list of​ 8 must-have Nintendo Switch‌ games for 2023 that should be part of anyone’s library!

1. Animal‍ Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing:‍ New Horizons is one of the most beloved⁢ and popular entries in⁣ the ‌Animal⁤ Crossing franchise. With the potential to build‌ unique towns, ​elaborately decorate homes,​ and meeting a variety of friendly characters, this game will⁤ keep ​generations of ⁤players enthralled for many years to come.

2. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The sequel to Hyrule Warriors, a spin-off of The Legend of Zelda ⁤franchise, is a must-have for​ any⁢ Nintendo Switch user. Combining intense action-themed ⁣combat with‌ an RPG-style story, Age‌ of Calamity⁤ offers a ⁣unique and exciting ⁤experience that will keep you entertained for‍ hours.

3.‍ Pokémon‌ Sword and Shield

The eighth installments of the franchise, Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced a ‍brand-new⁤ region to explore. With dozens of new features and a more in-depth story than‍ ever before, this game is sure to be ⁢a ‍must-have for any Poké-fan.

4. Super Mario Odyssey

One of the⁤ bestselling Nintendo Switch games, Super Mario Odyssey introduces a massive ⁢open-world with brand-new levels set the likes of⁣ which have never been seen before. With stunning visuals and an⁣ immersive ⁤storyline, this game should not be missed.

5. Splatoon 2

The ⁤team-based ⁢shooter‌ from Nintendo that blends kid-friendly⁣ combat with strategic‍ objectives,⁣ Splatoon 2 will keep you coming back for more with its ‌fresh and unique spin on the ⁢genre. Whether you’re playing solo or teaming up with friends,‍ the competitive online modes and individually tailored story modes make Splatoon 2 a ‍must-have.

6. Super ‍Smash Bros. Ultimate

One of‌ the‍ most iconic fighting games of all time, Super Smash Bros.​ Ultimate pits⁢ all of the most popular video game characters against one another in​ intense four-player battles.‍ Regardless of skill⁢ level, everyone can enjoy ​this beloved series.

7. Mario Kart ⁢8 Deluxe

Another classic from⁣ Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 ‌Deluxe gives you the⁣ opportunity to ⁢race ‍with‍ Mario and friends in exhilarating high-speed races across hazardous⁤ Rainbow Road tracks!

8. Luigi’s Mansion 3

The third installment of the Luigi’s Mansion franchise, this game follows Luigi as ⁣he enters a mysterious hotel filled with secrets. With an interactive ‍map and an abundance of rooms to⁢ explore, Luigi’s Mansion 3 offers an experience ⁢that‍ won’t‍ soon be‍ forgotten.

From sports to action to adventure,⁤ the games included in our roundup of must-have Nintendo Switch games of 2023 offer ⁣something for every type of gamer. Be sure to check these titles out -‌ you won’t​ be disappointed!


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