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Topson Joins Tundra Esports, Eyes Third DPC Championship Title

Topson Joins Tundra Esports, Eyes Third DPC Championship Title

Topson joined Tundra Esports yesterday in an effort to⁤ capture his third The Dota Pro ⁢Circuit⁣ (DPC)‌ Championship Title when the 2021-22 season kicks ​off. The Finnish Dota 2 celebrity achieved a second-place‍ finish in ‌2020’s DPC, something that‍ has earned him the reputation of being one ‍of the best all-around players in⁢ professional Dota 2.

Topson has previously held titles such as The International 2018 Grand Champion and ‍multiple Major Championship Championships. Last ⁢season, Topson joined the team Alliance, where he was‌ part of their run​ to securing a ‌second-place finish in the 2020 DPC season. With that⁤ finish,‌ Topson ⁢secured his seat‌ to​ The International 2021. After being released from Alliance, he was​ quick to find‍ his next team, Tundra Esports.

Tundra Esports is looking to build on the successes of last season, including a ​first-place finish in the China DPC ⁤League Season 1 2021. The squad‍ are now hungry for more ‍success and with the addition of Topson, their ambitions become ‌even more ‌promising. As a top-level professional, Topson brings with ‌him a vast wealth of knowledge⁤ and experience that​ could potentially‌ help his new team to achieve great things. Topson looks to guide and influence Tundra Esports, in order to ensure that they can challenge the top​ teams in the 2021-22 DPC season.

Tundra Esports lineup now consists of​ Topson, Synderen, qojqva, miCKe, and Matthew. With the potential​ of this lineup, the ‌team⁢ looks to make a big impact on the professional⁣ Dota 2 circuit⁢ in the near future.⁣ This team now have a ⁣strong chance to challenge for the top ⁢spot in⁤ the DPC circuit, and​ with Topson at the helm, they have the right leader to take them to the top.‍

Topson ‍has expressed his excitement over joining Tundra Esports⁢ and is​ looking forward ​to what he believes will be one of the most consequential‍ season yet. He ‌and the ‍rest of the Tundra Esports team will look‌ to⁣ push ‌each ‍other⁣ in order to achieve the ultimate goal⁤ of winning ⁤a‌ championship, and ​bringing a third-place victory to Topson.


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