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Stardew Valley fans Rejoice! Creator Reveals ‘Hats on Cats and Dogs’ Feature for 1.6 Update

Stardew Valley loyalists have ​an opportunity to showcase their cats and puppies wearing adorning cowboy ‌hats thanks to the ‘Hats⁣ on ‍Cats and Dogs’ feature coming to the 1.6 update, as announced by the game’s creator, Eric ​Barone. Fans of…

Stardew Valley Players Log Hundreds of Hours: Just How Obsessed Are They?

It is ⁤no secret that the game Stardew Valley has ⁣taken‍ the gaming world ‌by a storm ever since its release way‍ back in 2016. Most players have logged hundreds ‍of hours in total, being mesmerized by not only the⁣…