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Double Trouble: Topson Signs with Tundra Esports for TI12

Relentless, grinding, and consistent from playing together for years — this is exactly how you can describe⁢ the amazing professional Dota 2 duo, Topson and Tundra ⁢Esports. With TI12 looming around the corner, it comes‌ as no surprise that the…

Microsoft Signs Major Deal with Ubisoft to Gain UK Trust

‍ Microsoft has⁢ signed a major deal with Ubisoft, a leading global game developer, to help⁢ gain trust from ​customers in the United ‌Kingdom. The multi-million dollar deal will see Ubisoft’s popular games such ⁤as ⁤Assassin’s Creed, Far ⁣Cry and…