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The Last Faith: Gothic Metroidvania Gets Release Date with New Trailer

A much-anticipated 2D side-scrolling adventure game from developers LOYAC, ​The Last Faith, has officially announced a release date alongside a new⁢ trailer. This will⁢ mark the official debut of a brand new take on the classic Gothic Metroidvania game genre….

Review: ‘Mario + Rabbids – The Last Spark Hunter’ Brings Sparks of Hope for the Franchise

Mario + Rabbids is the latest installment of the popular Ubisoft franchise and it looks to be the most promising yet. Following the success of the original game, The Last Spark Hunter is a great continuation that adds more depth…

The ‘Mind-Blowing’ Ending of ‘The Last of Us’ Revealed By Steven Yeun to Pedro Pascal

The long-awaited finale for the hit video game The Last of Us was finally revealed on Saturday, and it was mind-blowing. In a stunning collaboration between two of the industry’s biggest stars, Steven Yeun and Pedro Pascal, Yeun was the…