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Humiliating Moment: FIFA 23 eWorld Cup Final Becomes ‘Laughing Stock’ Amid Controller Debacle

⁣ The FIFA⁢ 23 eWorld ‍Cup Final‍ was meant to be a grand spectacle. After ​months‌ of ​competition,⁤ the greatest virtual soccer⁢ players⁢ would come‍ together to ⁣determine who ​was the​ best in​ the ​world.⁣ Instead, it ⁣descended into an…

EA Promises ‘Amazing’ Visuals in FIFA 24 Despite Reported Player Face Issues

Electronics Arts (EA) has recently addressed reports of various visual issues with its upcoming game FIFA 24. The company has promised fans the game will boast a “truly amazing level of visual fidelity” and that its developers are hard at…