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Star Wars Movies Receive Updated Release Dates
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Star Wars Movies Receive Updated Release Dates

The Star Wars franchise movies have recently been given new release dates for 2021-2023. This news comes after already being pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Walt Disney Co., the new schedule for the three movies will be as follows: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will release in December 2021, Star Wars: Untitled will be released in December 2022 and finally Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic will release in December 2023.

This will be the fourth trilogy in the entire franchise and the first one directed by J.J. Abrams as the other three films were directed by George Lucas. So far, there is no detailed plan for the three movies yet, but rumors are that this trilogy will feature Rangers, the elite unit of the Resistance, who has been featured in several books, comics and video games.

Fans are already making various speculations and theories about the plot of the trilogy, while also eagerly waiting for the movie releases. Disney is also reportedly taking up the responsibility to provide movie theatres with Covid-19 safety guidelines, in order to prevent any hazards and health hazards.

Until then, the only thing left for Star Wars fans to do is to wait for the release dates. Hopefully these dates stay put and the trilogy will fulfill the expectations of its many fans.


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