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Square Enix Pledges to Strengthen Xbox Support Going Forward

Square Enix Pledges to Strengthen Xbox Support Going Forward

Square Enix, the Japanese video game publisher, has pledged to strengthen its support of the Xbox⁣ platform going forward. This announcement was made during Microsoft’s recent Xbox Live show, which included a handful of Square ⁢Enix titles specifically for the Xbox One.

Square Enix⁤ has long had a partnership with Microsoft, publishing exclusive Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles such as “Rise​ of the Tomb Raider”, “Final‌ Fantasy XIII” and “Lost Odyssey”.⁢ While it was quiet on Xbox for a while, Square Enix is⁣ now ready to step up its support.

“We are very excited to be announcing our renewed commitment to the ⁢Xbox ‍platform,” said Square Enix President ⁢Yosuke Matsuda. “We are ⁤committed to ⁢offering our⁣ best titles and experiences to Xbox One players and look‌ forward to deepening ⁤our partnership⁢ with ⁢Microsoft in‍ the near future.”

The announcement was accompanied by a public unveiling ⁣of “Left Alive”, a‍ new survival shooter from Square Enix’s internal game development studio. A trilogy of titles specifically for the Xbox One were also announced. These titles will feature characters from the hit anime series My Hero Academia. The titles have no release window yet.

Square Enix continued⁤ to express enthusiasm for its partnership with Microsoft, indicating that this is just the beginning of a larger ‍effort to bring more Square Enix titles to the Xbox One. “Microsoft is an amazing⁢ partner, and ‌we are excited ‍to be developing more projects together in the future,”⁣ said Matsuda. “We’ll be sharing more information about our upcoming games in the near future.”

This pledge of support for the Xbox One could lead to even more unique and exclusive​ titles from Square Enix and its partner studios. This is good⁣ news for current ‌and future owners of the Xbox One, who can now‍ look forward to some interesting titles⁤ from one of the leading video game publishers in Japan.


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