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September Xbox Game Pass Lineup Already Revealed

September Xbox Game Pass Lineup Already Revealed

Video game fans just got a huge treat as Microsoft officially revealed the upcoming lineup⁢ for their Xbox Game Pass lineup for the month of September during their latest Inside Xbox livestream. A⁢ total of nine new titles are being added to the existing mix of ⁢over 100 Xbox titles already available in‌ the Game Pass library.

Leading off the lineup is critically acclaimed platformer,​ MatterFall, a sidescroller from ⁤the makers of Resogun. Next on the list is Brothers: A ​Tale of Two Sons, which is a story driven adventure game. Gamers will also be able to dive into ⁣ Ark: Survival Evolved, a survival shooter set in a mysterious, dangerous world.

Other titles ⁤coming to the Game Pass include Operencia: The Stolen Sun, Shadow Warrior 2, Bayonetta, Outcast Second Contact, F1​ 2019, ⁤and the Xbox ⁢One version of Observer. All nine titles will be available to those who have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass‍ service on September 5th.

With this lineup of titles for September, Xbox Game Pass subscribers ⁣have once again been given access to some of​ the most popular games out there. As always, those who have an​ active subscription to the Game Pass will be able to access the​ titles as soon as they are ⁤released.


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