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Quake Revives Brutalist Architecture with Free Map Pack

Quake Revives Brutalist Architecture with Free Map Pack

The classic video game Quake recently announced the release of a new free map pack that⁣ is set to revitalize‍ the world​ of Brutalist architecture. The‌ map pack, titled “Malice,” has been crafted to include a range of environments that recreate the Brutalist aesthetic, employing mosaic patterns, angular⁢ shapes, and rough materials for ‍texture.

The goal of the project was to create an immersive experience⁣ for players that could evoke the Brutalist ⁢theme, while also ⁢finding innovative ways to design a level for‍ the ⁤Quake playstyle. As such, the developers‌ opted for a multi-tiered design, with bouncing stairs ⁤and⁢ multiple levels of elevations, bridges, secret rooms, and other design elements.

While the primary focus of⁢ the‌ level is Brutalist architecture, the level design itself is a blend of classic and modern aesthetics. Staircases are surrounded ⁤by walls of glass and metal, allowing players to get a sense of the surrounding environment while fighting. The player also gets the chance to explore the map from multiple levels of elevation, which makes for even more exciting⁢ encounters‌ and surprise ‌moments.

Players can take advantage of power-ups ⁢and items placed strategically ⁣throughout⁣ the⁢ map that can provide them with the edge they need to win. The map was designed with plenty​ of⁢ looping corridors and paths that⁤ can keep players guessing and the enemy off their toes.

The Brutalist theme pays homage to the classic style of the original Quake game, while also incorporating newer design trends and principles. Overall, the map pack is sure to be a hit and bring a unique flavor to the ⁤Quake franchise.


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