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Player Uncovers How to Restore Memorable Bethesda Shopping Glitch in Starfield

Player Uncovers How to Restore Memorable Bethesda Shopping Glitch in Starfield

A rogue player ⁤has uncovered how to restore a fondly remembered shopping ​glitch ‍from the Bethesda era in ‍the upcoming Starfield ‌game.⁤ Fans who took ​part in⁤ the⁤ Bethesda open-world games ⁣such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 will no doubt remember a ⁣certain ‌shopping⁢ glitch‍ that allowed the⁤ purchase of items for a fraction⁢ of the price due to certain circumstances.

The glitch has reared its head ⁤once more in Starfield as the player showed the world how‌ to replicate it. The ‍trick was revealed by the YouTube channel Easy Allies, specifically by⁣ community‍ member⁣ and modder known as JVS and‍ the YouTuber Department ‌of ⁤Artificial Intelligence. JVS posted‌ a video on ‌his channel of the glitch being ‍replicated‌ in ‍Starfield, which immediately ⁣garnered⁤ attention from the community.

The trick allows the player to purchase‍ an item for a fraction⁣ of its‌ normal price if⁢ it is brought⁢ back and re-sold immediately. To do this, the player must buy the⁣ item with credits, ⁤and then ‘cash out’ immediately ‍after. The money paid out for the item⁤ is a fraction of what it ⁢was originally sold for. This can⁣ lead to ​huge savings if⁢ the player‌ is savvy enough to take advantage.

Despite the glitch being uncovered, it is⁤ unlikely that Bethesda will​ change anything to fix the game-breaking bug. ‌Fans have long enjoyed taking advantage of such glitches, ​although ‌it ‌typically tends to ruin⁢ the game’s balance. It is unlikely‍ that ⁤Bethesda wanted the⁤ throwback glitch included in Starfield, ⁢but fans are no doubt taking‌ advantage while they can.

If you want to ⁣experience‌ the nostalgia-inducing ⁤trick⁣ for yourself,⁣ all you ‍need to do is⁢ find an item to buy and give the shopping glitch a go. Whether the glitch remains ⁤in⁣ the game for long is unknown, but for ⁣now, players ⁢can rest assured knowing the classic ⁤Bethesda glitch lives on⁤ in Starfield.


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